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Tingling feeling from shoulder to finger tips

home of The Queensland Women’s Historical Association.

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Built in the 1880’s when local tradition was at its most opulent, Miegunyah is one of Brisbane’s most accessible Heritage Homes. Richly decorated with iron-lace balustrades, filigree columns and friezes, and furnished in the style of the late 19th century, Miegunyah is a living example of Victorian elegance and charm. Step through the wide cedar door way into the House Museum, be fascinated by exotic collectables from travels afar, learn about the people who lived at Miegunyah and ghosts that never left. Even glimpse the labours of 19th century housekeeping!

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sarah jessica parker look alike dresses on line Miegunyah is open to the public for tours and morning / afternoon teas. Miegunyah is also available for group visits, special interest groups, corporate and private functions. The Queensland Women’s Historical Association (QWHA) monthly talks are held in the formal dining room.

The QWHA archives and research facilities are held at the House Museum in a secure climate controlled environment. Access to these is available to researchers by appointment. The QWHA also produces a range of books and other publications. To view these download books & other publications pdf

Miegunyah House Museum, the archives, research and publishing activities are maintained by
The Queensland Women’s Historical Association as a Memorial to the Pioneer Women of Queensland.

Tingling feeling from shoulder to finger tips

Wednesdays 10.30am - 3.00pm

Saturdays & Sundays 10.30am - 4.00pm.

Miegunyah is now closed for 2010.

We re-open on Wednesday 2nd February 2011. We hope to see you in 2011.

Group visits and functions other days by prior arrangement

Closed over Christmas and New Year

Tingling feeling from shoulder to finger tips

Devonshire teas also available

Adults $5

Children $2

School groups $2 per student

Tingling feeling from shoulder to finger tips

Bookings essential

For tours of House Museum download group booking form

To view items of interest from archival collection

For morning / afternoon teas & luncheons download menu prices

Tingling feeling from shoulder to finger tips

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Tour of the House Museum & Devonshire tea for two people.

Contact us to arrange payment & direct mail delivery.

Tingling feeling from shoulder to finger tips

35 Jordan Tce Bowen Hills, Brisbane

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Miegunyah House Museum is situated within the Breakfast Creek Heritage Precinct and is easily accessible by public transport. TRANSLink 13 12 30 or

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Large bus entry is via front entrance off Jordan Tce.
Mini bus and wheelchair access via rear entrance off Roche Ave.
Street parking is available for private vehicles in Jordan Tce and Roche Ave.
Please note these streets are within the Brisbane central traffic area and restrictions apply.

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Miegunyah House Museum regular Open House Program and the QWHA archives & research facilities are made available to the public by the generous support of volunteers.